Album release show from superb new trio of seasoned Valley musicians
Plus: Dave Houghton (Fancy Trash)

Colorway, the newly formed guitar-rock trio from ex-Drunk Stuntman, F. Alex Johnson, has been steadily gaining steam and proving that rock and roll is still alive and well. Along with bassist Dave Hayes (Superkart/Mentos) and drummer JJ O'Connell (Spouse/Heather Maloney), the band seamlessly fuses stuck-in-your-head pop songs with ferocious Gilmour/Zappa-influenced guitar playing. 2013 saw the release of their debut CD which NEPRs John Montanari called, "Really strong, original, flowing music, with terrific musicianship and first rate production." The band spent the last year gigging on their own as well as in support of guitar luminaries such as Matt Schofield and Tim Palmieri with the Z3. Colorway is wasting no time releasing their second album The Black Sky Sequined, recorded by Mark Alan Miller and mastered by engineering legend Bob Ludwig.

Other Appearances:
Thursday, March 21 at 7 pm
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