Saul Williams
Award winning slam poet with the theatrical flair of an actor, the literary arsenal of a Beat poet and a hio-hop soul.
Plus: Chris Gonzalez
Saul Williams is a renegade writer, actor and musician known for his blend of poetry and hip-hop. He was Nuyorican Poets Cafe's Grand Slam Champion and starred in the indie film Slam. Williams' firebrand rhetoric is delivered over punk and industrial undercurrents conjuring the likes of the Last Poets and Public Enemy.
With 2011 release Volcanic Sunlight, Williams distills his lifelong pursuit of incendiary, gut-felt joy down from an “Amethyst Rocks” prison riff, my culture is lima beans and tambourines/ dreams, manifest dreams real, not consistent with rationale/ I dance for no reason, to an ecstatic and trance inducive " come on everybody dance with me". He calls it a pop album. A dance album. Volcanic Sunlight is a TV On The Radio twist on his regular Rage Against TheMachine, inspired by a life lived for love – by parents, parenthood and by time spent in Brazil as a teenager in a mansion with speakers that carried the songs of live exotic birds in the hallways, to all the rooms of the house.
Both a poet and an artist, performance remains Williams' favorite medium, "Through it all I would say that performance is my favorite medium as an artist. Yet, I have become very particular about the material I perform, thus, I create."

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