Liz Story
Pianist Liz Story's Windham Hill debut Solid Colors was a touchstone of the New Age music era and she continues to delight and inspire as a performer and composer
Plus: Lisa Downing

Liz Story is a multiple Grammy Award nominee, pianist, and composer who had mastered Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 11 by the age of 11. After studying at Juilliard and Hunter she saw jazz pianist Bill Evans at the Bottom Line in NYC and caught the jazz bug. While paying for continued music studies in LA with a job playing piano in a restaurant she had to improvise fior the simple reason that the piano had no music stand. These improvisations developed into compositions. William Ackerman heard them and signed her to his Windham Hill label. Her debut album Solid Colors launched her into the '80s as a prominent figure in new age music. From 1983 through 1998, Story recorded nine albums for Windham Hill. Her musical style defies traditional description, and her works cross many musical genres.


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