The Proclaimers
Moved to the Iron Horse from Pearl Street. Doors and dinner from 5:30. Show at 7PM. Proclaimers play with a full band!
Plus: Jenny O.

When the Scottish duo of Craig and Charlie Reid emerged in 1987, their energetic, melodic folk-rock aggressively displayed their thick accents on sweet, infectiously melodic songs about love, politics, and life in Scotland. After two albums in the late '80s  the band disappeared for several years. When their 1988 song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" was used in the 1993 film Benny & Joon, the Proclaimers began to receive massive radio airplay in America, sending them into the Top Ten in the U.S., as well as the rest of the world. They contributed to several movie soundtracks including Dumb & Dumber and Bottle Rocket. Still delivering strong melodies with intense, brotherly harmonies, their tenth studio album, Let's Hear It for the Dogs, arrived in 2015. 


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