RANE 20: Celebrating 20 Years of Rane
Two full sets & a video retrospective. Moody, atmospheric & at times reminiscent of a more earthy Pink Floyd with shimmering pop & chilled-out ambient soundscapes.

Featuring 2 sets and a video retrospective. Established in 1996, Rane is a psychedelic pop outfit with a penchant for sophisticated compositions and thoughtful and provoking lyrics. Comprised of Alan Veniscovsky (Guitar, Vox), Ryan Bowman (Guitar), Dan Prindle (Bass, Vox), Kurt Rinaldi (Percussion/Marimba), and Travis Lamothe (Drums), the band made a name for itself by being young and prodigious musicians willing to get a touring vehicle (forever known as The Vuck) and take off every weekend in high school and college to make their dream a reality. Over the years they progressed from bar band to playing colleges and opening for some of the greatest acts to ever grace the stage like Santana, Tom Petty, Guster, and The Samples to name a few. All told they have released 8 albums and played over 500 shows and remain dear friends to this day. Their canon of original music and high energy shows is their legacy and in 2016, the year of their 20th anniversary, we intend to celebrate both.


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