Eddie Japan
2013 Boston Rock 'n' Roll Rumble winners! Boston Music Award winners Live Artist of the Year 2013
Plus: The Curtis Mayflower

Eddie Japan has marched across five-years as one of the Northeast’s most acclaimed bands. Accolades include a Boston Music Award, a crown in the prestigious Boston Rock & Roll Rumble (whose previous winners include ‘Til Tuesday, The Sheila Divine, and Dresden Dolls), their 2015 single “Albert” appearing on the popular music video game Rock Band 4, a tour with Martha Davis and the Motels, and stages shared with The Fixx, Midge Ure, Will Dailey, Ruby Rose Fox, Kingsley Flood, Air Traffic Controller, plus many more. In July of 2017 they released their highly anticipated debut full-length album, Golden Age, co-produced by Greg Hawkes, keyboardist for the legendary Boston band The Cars, and recent Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 inductees. Golden Age was nominated for a 2017 Boston Music Award for 'Album of the Year.' 

Other Appearances:
Saturday, June 22 at 7 pm

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