Jamie Kent
An "Artist You Need To Know" — Rolling Stone   "An important young voice with something to say...”  — Music City Roots
Plus: Matthew Szlachetka

Named the 2016 Durango / American Songwriter Sole Performer, artist Jamie Kent’s future as a performer looks quite promising. Drawing on influences from modern rock artists like Jason Isbell and Kings of Leon as well as paying tribute to classic greats like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, Kent’s perfectly mellifluous tunes are roll-the-windows-down, soak-up-some-sun kind of good. His latest album is "All American Mutt" (Road Dog Records) recorded n Nashville with Grammy nominated Producer Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark, Jerrod Neimann). This show will feature lots of special guests, and some nice collaboration between Jamie and opener Matt Szlachetka between the two sets.  (Rolling Stone recently named Matt and Jamie's show together one of the "Best Things they saw at CMA Fest")


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