Junior Brown
 An American original, slinging Western swing, rock, blues, Hawaiian, and even some bluegrass. Junior's latest coup is writing and performing the theme to AMC's "Better Call Saul"
Plus: The '61 Ramblers

Junior Brown is a singer and demon guitarist whose raucous blend of Western swing, honky tonk, electrified Bakersfield country, and rock & roll made him the toast of Austin and then the world. Factor in his rumbling, strikingly deep baritone voice, and you've got a true original; an artist who's a sensation in country music and the fringier Americana circles.  There's usually a wide-eyed look accompanying one who witnesses Junior's unique instrumental prowess for the first time... or the second, or third, for that matter. Junior invented his own guitar, one that combines the standard 6-string guitar and the steel guitar. He calls it the "guit-steel."  The first song from his new 6 sided EP, his first release in 7 years, is "Hang Up and Drive" and it's topical for the times, just as the title suggests. We all talk and drive and this number really hollers it out with all the expected infectious Junior Brown delivery. I'm talkin' low voice, hot guitar and screamin' steel. 

Other Appearances:
Wednesday, June 20 at 7 pm

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