Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native
Genre-bending Kentucky cellist. "Appalachian Strains With a Bach Twist" - New York Times. 

Nashville, TN – Acclaimed cellist, composer, songwriter and activist Ben Sollee announces the release of Ben Sollee And Kentucky Native (Soundly Music) on August 11th, 2017. Tracing the origins of a traditional American genre back to early immigrants, Sollee takes a non-traditional approach, blending the influences of early Irish and Scottish musicians with the rhythms of Mexico, Africa and India. This album is Sollee’s most personally revealing work and a reflection of his native Kentucky, a place like many others, that’s still helping refine the ever-changing Bluegrass genre.Inspired by the interactions and collaborations of string musicians from all walks of life, Sollee and his bandmates recorded twelve songs in a cabin at the Bernheim Arboretum And Research Forest Center in Clermont, KY. Each song was captured live as an ensemble with a mobile, analogue studio and with just a few overdubs. Together, they thoughtfully reimagined a revered style with world music characteristics.


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