Chely Wright
Country singer Chely Wright risked her long career and overcame the perils of being gay publicly as a musician in the largely conservative Country music community. Ltd. Meet & Greet available.
Plus: Carrie Ferguson

Chely Wright is an American country music singer with a long career that keeps on giving. From her debut album in 1994, (for which the Academy of Country Music (ACM) would name her Top New Female Vocalist), to her newest album (in which Wright "finally realizes all those dreams of making music that comes from her deepest soul."), Cheryl has released seven studio albums on various labels, and has charted more than fifteen singles on the country charts.Yet, throughout all this success, it was not until 2007 that Cheryl would come out to her fans as a lesbian. Scared that she would not be accepted by the country music community, she has overcome the perils of publicly being gay as a musician. Clearly, Cheryl Wright has come out on top, and her new music describes her unique musical journey as honestly as her listeners could hope for. "Wright has arrived, and we are among the lucky beneficiaries."


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