Eleanor Friedberger
Plus: Sean McMahon of Workman Song

First known as one half of the brother-sister duo the Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger headed out on her own in summer 2010, recording her solo debut Last Summer. The album, which featured playful but more straightforward tracks than the Furnaces' work, was released by Merge in July 2011.

For 2013's Personal Record, Friedberger crafted a set of songs that paid homage to the introspective pop of the '70s. She returned late in 2015 with the single "False Alphabet City," a companion piece to visual artist Sara Magenheimer's film False Alphabets that was also Friedberger's first release for Frenchkiss Records. Her third full-length, New View, was recorded with her backing band Icewater after a move to upstate New York. It arrived in January 2016.


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