The Adam Ezra Group's Halloween Party!

Adam Ezra Group has a proud tradition of throwing Halloween parties filled with as much visual idiocy as they can pack in to one night.  They have decided to bring one of two costumed concerts to us here at the Iron Horse, and this year they've chosen to invite us all to join them in a 70's country western themed ho-down, filled with more leisure-suited wranglin' than we've probably ever had the pleasure of experiencing here in Northampton!

So come as you are, choose your own costume theme, or throw down with us in as much rhinestone and bell-bottomed velvet as you can squeeze onto your person. It may not be perty, but it sure will be an unforgettable night with one of our favorite Boston bands performing a night of their folk-inspired, roots-rock!

Other Appearances:
Friday, October 26 at 7 pm

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