Bob Schneider
Highly unique one-man musical & artistic phenomenon Bob Schneider has won 54 Austin Music Awards (including 7 seven for Musician of the Year), more than anyone else. Come see why.  
Plus: Mobley

One thing Bob Schneider has excelled at in his career is bringing audiences back. His fans, who often discovered him after being brought to his shows by their friends, are fiercely loyal. Many have attended dozens or even hundreds of shows. Though he has received little national press or major label support, he has managed to become one of the biggest acts in Austin for over 25 years. He has been awarded 54 Austin Music Awards (including seven-time Musician of the Year), making him the all-time leader. He is the best-selling artist at Waterloo Records, and his national profile has won him a devoted following thanks to appearances on national television, numerous albums, and a relentless commitment to touring. Music is a Schneider family hallmark. The son of a professional opera singer, Bob began playing piano and guitar at an early age, performing at family parties and backing his father on drums at nightclubs throughout his youth in Germany and Texas. He dropped out of college where he was studying art – his other primary passion and avocation – at the University of Texas El Paso and moved to Austin to pursue his love of music.


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