All About Elvis featuring Rex (Fowler of Aztec Two-Step) & The Rockabilly Kings
Rex & The Rockabilly Kings perform authentic renditions of early Elvis songs combined with an original Documentary Film & Multimedia slide show.  

Rex & The Rockabilly Kings perform authentic and joyous renditions of Elvis's Sun sessions & early RCA recordings from the period of 1954 to the early 60's.  Combines an original Documentary Film & Live Concert with a Multimedia slide show.  Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step fame has an exciting new show that pays homage to the legacy of Elvis Aaron Presley. The show includes a screening of his critically acclaimed 48-minute documentary film “200 CADILLACS,” immediately followed by a Q&A. Then, after a short break, Rex and the Rockabilly Kings take the stage to perform a live concert of early Elvis classics accompanied by a multimedia slide show. Drawing from his Country roots and the African/American traditions of Gospel and Rhythm & Blues that were nurtured in the fertile soil of the Mississippi Delta, Elvis intuitively created a revolutionary groundbreaking sound that had never been imagined before, inspiring artists such as John Lennon and Keith Richards to form their own bands and changing popular music forever. Elvis’ musical contribution, cultural impact, and artistic achievement made him an unsurpassed 20th century icon. 


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