Michelle Malone
Michelle Malone's music is informed by blues, roadhouse rock & roll, and Georgia soul, and her new album Slings and Arrows pushes the parameters even further.
Plus: Laura Vecchione

Michelle Malone celebrates her new top 10 record, Slings and Arrows, in Northampton. This will be a special unplugged duo show with Doug Kees on guitar - don't miss it! 

“Raucous and jubilant - Malone alternates between soulful ballads and rowdy, riffy blasters.” - Rolling Stone 

Compared to most musical artists in the Americana genre, Malone seems like a pair of distressed blue jeans amidst a sea of pantsuits. Unlike the surplus of self- professed rootsy rebels, one listen to this woman from Dixie and you know you’re hearing the real thing. Credit Michelle Malone with doing things her own way for the better part of the past three decades, and defying expectations in the process.


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