Max Creek
Max Creek's Halloween show at Pearl Street!

In their 45 years,  Max Creek has stayed the course, pre-dating the jam band era and remaining true to themselves and their fans without pretense. There is no hip style or genre-title that can define them. From the beginning they've mixed anything they liked: rock, country, reggae, soul, jazz, calypso in with their own great songs and it's all just come out sounding like Creek. As such they've never been the hot item in the flavor-of-the-year club yet they've also never gone out of style. Moreover, Creek exudes confidence but lacks ego; each member is an incredible musician and you'd be hard pressed to find a music fan in the Northeast that hasn't heard of them. Their stage is full of smiles and laughter, both during and between songs. All one has to do is glance into the crowd to see that the feeling is contagious.  The audience is a multi-generational and it's not uncommon to witness old-school Creek Freeks getting down with their teenage (or older!) kids.

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Saturday, January 26 at 8:30 pm

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