The Musical Box: A Genesis Extravaganza
The Musical Box is internationally acclaimed for its historical re-enactment of early Genesis’ works with Peter Gabriel’s famous theatrics and the band's unique musicianship. 

We're excited to premiere: A GENESIS EXTRAVAGANZA! In an all-out performance of live visual signature stunts, a museum-worthy array of vintage instruments and a dizzying pace of iconic tracks and stage rarities, The Musical Box indulges for the first time in its 25 years existence in an intense 3 ACT voyage in the world of early Genesis. Circa 1970 - 77
Act 1 - The Wind's Tail - music from Trick Of The Tail and Wind & Wuthering.
Act 2 - Broadway Melodies - music from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.
Act 3 - Before The Ordeal - music from Trespass, Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot and Selling England By The Pound. The Musical Box is also happy to announce that Broadway Melodies will feature exclusive never seen before original photo slides from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.


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